Meet The Owners

2015 - Present

In 2015, Milton and his wife, Sara, started Milty's Gourmet Catering and Events. Their catering business allowed them to venture into different cultures of the culinary world and led them to discover their love for food and understand the demand for Mexican cuisine (especially tacos and nachos!)

Today, Milton, Sara and Quentin focus most of their time on Taco Genius - Providing a savory, mouth-watering twist to traditional tacos and nachos. They still have their catering and events company which provides a variety of menu options for all of your catering and event needs.

Our Beginnings

Taco Genius was started because of a passion - something Chef Milton was full of (and still is!) Chef Milton's passion for good food started at an early age when he saw the love his father had for the culinary arts. He realized how valuable food was after he saw his family going through some tough economic times.

During his childhood, Chef Milton had to go fishing so he could put food on the table for his family - which taught him one of the most valuable lessons of his life: Whatever you do, do it with love. Stay dedicated and you will persevere.

- Thank you for supporting our small business! -

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Taco Genius (Order Online)

5701 Sunset Drive (Unit C11C)

South Miami,  FL 33143


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Taco Genius (Call to Order)

8888 SW 136th St. (Suite 210)

Miami,  FL 33176

Located inside The Falls Shopping Mall


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